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Official Handbooks/Manuals For Civil Rights Litigation

1AccessibilityPages/Downloads of Manuals regarding accessibility/accommodation guidelines
2ADRPages/Downloads of Manuals on Alternative Dispute Resolution processes
3Attorney ConductPages/Downloads of various Guidelines for Attorney/Professional Conduct
4DiscoveryPages/Downloads of Manuals on the Discovery process
5EEOCPages/Downloads of Useful information from/about the EEOC
6eFilingPages/Downloads of Manuals on Electronic Filing
7FCHRPages/Downloads of Useful information from the FCHR
8FormsPages/Downloads of Manuals on completing pertinent government forms
9Judicial ConductPages/Downloads of the US Rules of Judicial-Conduct/Disability Proceedings
10Law ReviewsPages/Downloads of official Law Reviews pertinent to civil rights litigation
11PJIPages/Downloads of Official Pattern Jury Instructions
12Pro SePages/Downloads of Pro Se Handbooks
13Public RecordsPages/Downloads of Official Handbooks on Public Records
14VictimsPages/Downloads of Victim/Witness Handbooks
Congratulations! You're getting booked up on Official Handbooks that are pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation!

Feel free to use them in order to get the justice you deserve.


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