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How-To: Request Oral Argument

Background: You want to provide oral argument to support your appeal
Problem: You're unsure how to request oral argument
Solution: You follow this guide for drafting a request for oral argument

I. Legal Citations

Rule 9.320 Fla. R. App. P. | Oral Argument
"Oral argument may be permitted in any proceeding. A request for oral argument shall be in a separate document served by a party:
(a) in appeals, not later than 15 days after the last brief is due to be served;
(b) in proceedings commenced by the filing of a petition, not later than 15 days after the reply is due to be served; and
Rule 34 Fed. R. App. P. | Oral Argument
"(a)(2) Standards. Oral argument must be allowed in every case unless a panel of three judges who have examined the briefs and record unanimously agrees that oral argument is unnecessary for any of the following reasons:
(A) the appeal is frivolous;
(B) the dispositive issue or issues have been authoritatively decided; or
(C) the facts and legal arguments are adequately presented in the briefs and record, and the decisional process would not be significantly aided by oral argument."

II. Samples

# PDF Comments
1TBD case. Pro Se Filing. Petition for a Writ of Mandamus. 2 Pages.
2✓ Granted! 2011. SC. State Court Judges. Join the argument. 3 Pages.
3✓ Granted! 2012. SC. NAACP. Join the argument. 7 Pages.
4✓ Granted! 2013. SC. Join the argument. 2 Pages.
5✓ Granted! 2014. SC. Cited the Rules of the Florida Bar. 2 Pages.
6- Dispensed. 2015. SC. 2 Pages.
7✓ Granted! 2016. SC. 2 Pages.
8✓ Granted! 2017. SC. Join the argument. 3 Pages.
9✓ Granted! 2018. SC. Join the argument. 3 Pages.
10✓ Granted! 2019. SC. 8 Pages.
11✓ Granted! 2020. SC. Death Sentence. Habeas Corpus. 2 Pages.
12✓ Granted! 2000. 1DCA. DOAH. 2 Pages.
13✓ Granted! 2001. 1DCA. DOAH. 2 Pages.
14X Denied. 2002. 1DCA. DOAH. Mafia Hitmen. 2 Pages.
15- Dispensed. 2003. 4DCA. DOAH. Statewide importance. 2 Pages.
16- Deferred to panel. 2004. 1DCA. DOAH. Writ of Prohibition. 2 Pages.
17✓ Granted! 2005. 1DCA. DOAH. 3 Pages.
18ϫ 2006. 3DCA. DOAH. Non-Final Order. Private Property Rights. 3 Pages.
19X Denied. 2007. 5DCA. DOAH. Attached to Petition. 2 Pages.
20✓ Granted! 2008. 3DCA. DOAH. Deceased Appellant. 4 Pages
21✓ Granted! 2012. 5DCA. DOAH. 2 Pages.
22✓ Granted! 2013. 3DCA. DOAH. School Teachers. 2 Pages.
23✓ Granted! 2014. 5DCA. DOAH. 2 Pages.
24✓ Granted! 2015. 4DCA. DOAH. Manifest Injustice. Medical Malpractice. 4 Pages.
25✓ Granted! 2016. 5DCA. DOAH. Voluminous Record. 1 Page.
26✓ Granted! 2017. 5DCA. DOAH. 3 Pages.
26✓ Granted! 2018. 1DCA. DOAH. Video Conference (COVID). 3 Pages.
26✓ Granted! 2019. 1DCA. DOAH. Consolidated Cases. Video Conference (COVID). 3 Pages.

III. Templates

# Word Comments
1Replace all of the placeholder tags with real information (eg "[plfName]" becomes "John Doe").

IV. Quick Commentary

  • Crucial Note: File this on time!
    • In an appeal, within 15 Days of your last brief (see Rule 9.320 Fla. R. App. P.)
    • In a petition, within 15 Days of the last pleading (see Rule 9.320 Fla. R. App. P.)
    • Recommendation: File this request alongside your initial brief
  • Good News: Your request can be very plain (see the samples)
  • Better News: The appellate courts almost always grant requests for oral argument of an appeal
  • Bad News: The appellate courts rarely grant requests for oral argument of a petition
    • Suspected Reason = oral arguments would slow things down too much
      • petitions usually deal with extraordinary writs
      • extraordinary writs are usually handled rapidly
      • oral argument would interfere with that rapid progress
  • Please download as many samples as you'd like (see Part II above)
  • Recommendation: Use the TBD template
  • Save the final version as a PDF file.
  • File the final version in court

V. Additional Resources

VI. Conclusion

With the use of the template (as well as the samples above), you can more easily write your Request for Oral Argument. It's a simple request; just make sure you file it on time!

Congratulations! You're now booked up on how to Request Oral Argument (in an appellate court of Florida)!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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