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How-To: File Documents in Florida's Supreme Court

Background: You are litigating a suprme court case
Problem: You do not know where to file your legal documents
Solution: You follow this 1-step guide

I. Legal Citations

AO 13-7 Florida's Supreme Court | Electronic Filing in the Supreme Court of Florida via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal
"Effective April 1, 2013, e-filing through the Portal in the Court will be mandatory..."

II. Step-by-Step Guide

III. How-To Videos

# Link Comments
1Official tutorial on filing a new case in Florida. Channel = "Florida Courts E-Filing Portal"
2Pro Se tutorial on filing documents onto an existing case. Channel = "Carolyn Weber"

IV. Quick Commentary

  • Webpage: myflcourtaccess.com
    • Just click on the "Log In Now!" button and hammer away
    • Note: you will need an account (free; email-based).
  • Please view the tutorials (see Part III - above) to help familiarize yourself with the process.
  • TBD finds the Florida online filing system to be a segway to one-click adjudication
    • TBD's Definition:
      • One-Click Adjudication = being able to write AND file legal briefs/motions/notices with a single click
  • Note: The online system will send you an email confirmation after you submit your filing (≈ 3-5 minutes later)
    • It will also display a confirmation screen on your browser
      • You can take a photo of it for added proof that you submitted your document on time
      • The confirmation page will also have a confirmation number
  • Note: this process is the same for Florida's 5 appellate courts
  • Of course, this process differs from how you must proceed at DOAH and the FCHR.
  • Note: your filed document will not make it onto the case docket until the Clerk places it there!
    • the Clerk only works during business hours
    • if there are impermissible deficiencies in your document then the Clerk will send it back to you to revise

V. Conclusion

Just go to myflcourtaccess.com in order to file your Supreme Court documents.

Congratulations! You're now booked up on how to file your documents in Florida's Supreme Court!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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