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How-To: Complete the Civil Cover Sheet (Federal)

Background: You are preparing your federal lawsuit
Problem: You are unsure how to complete the Civil Cover Sheet
Solution: You follow this guide for completing the Civil Cover Sheet (Federal)

I. Legal Citations

Local Rule 1.05(e) USFLMD | Civil Cover Sheet
"(e) The Clerk is authorized and directed to require a complete and executed AO Form JS44, Civil Cover Sheet, which shall accompany each civil case as a condition to the filing thereof. State and federal prisoners, and other persons filing civil cases pro se are exempt from the requirements of this subsection." Local Rule 5.2 USFLND | Civil Cover Sheet
"An attorney who files or removes a civil case must simultaneously file a civil cover sheet on a form available without charge from the Clerk or on the District’s website. But the Court may allow the civil cover sheet to be filed later. A pro se party need not file a civil cover sheet."

II. Samples

# PDF Comments
1TBD case. USFLMD. Pro Se Filing. 2020. NOS 442. §1981 Case (+ §760 FS). Employment.
2TBD case. USFLND. Pro Se Filing. 2021. NOS 440. §1983 Case. ALJ Perjury.
3USFLMD. Attorney Filing. 2019. NOS 790. Title VII Case (+ §1983). Employment.
4USFLMD. Attorney Filing. 2019. NOS 440. Title VII Case (+ §760 FS). Employment.
5USFLMD. Attorney Filing. 2019. Title VII Case (+ §760 FS). Employment.
6USFLMD. Pro Se Filing. 2020. NOS 442. Title VII (+ §1981; NLRA. Employment
7USFLMD. Attorney Filing. 2020. NOS 790. Title VII (+ §760 FS). Employment.

III. Forms

# Word Comments
1Official Court Form. Interactive/Electronic.

IV. Quick Commentary

V. Quick Analysis

For deeper insight, please see TBD's Nature of Suit Analysis

VI. Additional Notes

VII. Conclusion

With the use of the form (as well as the samples above), you can more easily complete the civil cover sheet (federal).

Congratulations! You're now booked up on how to complete the Civil Cover Sheet (federal)!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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