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How-To Guides | Civil Discovery

Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

Outbound Discovery Requests
001AdmissionsStep-by-Step guide for writing a Request for Admissions
002DepositionStep-by-Step guide for writing a Notice of Deposition
003InterrogatoriesStep-by-Step guide for submitting Written Interrogatories
004Privilege LogStep-by-Step guide for creating a Privilege Log
005RFPStep-by-Step guide for writing a Request for Production of Documents
Outbound Discovery Responses
101QuashStep-by-Step guide for writing a Motion to Quash Discovery
102Re-OpenStep-by-Step guide for writing a Motion to Re-Open Discovery
Get booked up on these How-To Guides for Writing/Filing/Creating Various Discovery Requests/Responses!

You can use them throughout your pursuit of justice.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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