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In Haec Verba

Lat.: in these words. Source: Barron's Dictionary of Legal Terms, Steven H. Gifis, 5th Edition; ©
"Since the ADEA and Title VII share a common purpose, the elimination of discrimination in the workplace, since the language of § 14(b) is almost in haec verba with § 706(c), and since the legislative history of § 14(b) indicates that its source was § 706(c), we may properly conclude that Congress intended that the construction of § 14(b) should follow that of § 706(c). See Northcross v. Memphis Board of Education, 412 U.S. 427, 428 (1973). We therefore conclude that § 14(b), like § 706(c), is intended to screen from the federal courts those discrimination complaints that might be settled to the satisfaction of the grievant in state proceedings. We further conclude that prior resort to appropriate state proceedings is required under § 14(b), just as under § 706(c)."
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