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Appellate Documents
101AppendicesSample Appendices for Actual Appellate Cases
102Initial BriefsSample Principle Briefs for Actual Cases at various FL District Courts of Appeal
103Jurisdictional BriefsSample Jurisdictional Briefs for Actual Cases at Florida's Supreme Court
104Opening BriefsSample Principle Briefs for Actual Cases at various US Circuit Courts of Appeal
105Motions for CertificationSample Motions for Certification for Actual Appellate Cases
106Motions for RehearingSample Motions for Rehearing for Actual Appellate Cases
107Motions for Written OpinionSample Motions for Written Opinions for Actual Appellate Cases
108Petitions for... CertiorariSample Petitions for Writs of Certiorari for Actual Appellate Cases
109Petitions for... MandamusSample Petitions for Writs of Mandamus for Actual Appellate Cases
110Petitions for... ProhibitionSample Petitions for Writs of Prohibition for Actual Appellate Cases
111Petitions for... Quo WarrantoSample Petitions for Writs of Quo Warranto for Actual Appellate Cases
112Petitions for RehearingSample Petitions for Rehearing for Actual Appellate Cases
113Reply BriefsSample Reply Briefs for Actual Cases
Civil Indigence Documents
201IndigenceSample Applications for Certificates of Civil Indigence
301RFPSample Requests for Production of Documents
Initial Pleadings
401Civil Complaints (Federal)Sample Civil Complaints from Actual Federal Cases
402Civil Complaints (State)Sample Civil Complaints from Actual State Court Cases
403Substantial Weight ReviewsSample 'Substantial Weight Review' Pleadings
404Statement of FactsSample Pleadings/Complaints which contain a 'Statement of Facts'
501Directions to the ClerkSample 'Directions to the Clerk' Filings
502Initiate Perjury ProsecutionSample Documentation for Initiating Perjury Charges
503Prosecute Secret MeetingsSample Documentation for Initiating Criminal Charges against Agencies/Officials who violate laws on public meetings
601Motions for ClarificationSample 'Motions for Clarification' from Actual Cases
602Motions for ConfidentialitySample 'Motions for Confidentiality' from Actual Cases
603Motions for DefaultSample 'Motions for Default' from Actual Cases (Clerk Default)
604Motions for Default JudgmentSample 'Motions for Default Judgment' from Actual Cases (Final Judgment after Default)
605Motions for DisqualificationSample 'Motions for Disqualification' from Actual Cases (Attorney Disqualification)
606Motions for ExtensionSample 'Motions for Extension' from Actual Cases
607Motions for Fee ExemptionsSample 'Motions for PACER Fee Exemptions' from Actual Cases
608Motions for Judicial NoticeSample 'Motions for Judicial Notice' from Actual Cases
609Motions for Leave to AmendSample 'Motions for Leave to Amend' from Actual Cases
610Motions for Leave to ReplySample 'Motions for Leave to Reply' from Actual Cases
611Motions for Leave to SupplementSample 'Motions for Leave to Supplement' from Actual Cases
612Motions in LimineSample 'Motions in Limine' from Actual Cases
613Motions for ReconsiderationSample 'Motions for Reconsideration' from Actual Cases
614Motions for ReliefSample 'Motions for Relief' from Actual Cases
615Motion for SanctionsSample 'Motions for Sanctions' from Actual Cases
616Motion to Strike (Immaterial)Sample 'Motions to Strike (Immaterial)' from Actual Cases
617Motion to Strike (Sham)Sample 'Motions to Strike (Sham Pleadings)' from Actual Cases
618Motion to SuppressSample 'Motions to Suppress' from Actual Cases
619Motion to UnsealSample 'Motion to Unseal' from Actual Cases
620Motion to WaiveSample 'Motions to Waive the 21-Day Safe Harbor Provision' from Actual Cases
701Case Management ReportSample 'Case Management Reports' from Actual Cases
702Challenge ConstitutionalitySample 'Notices of a Constitutional Challenge' from Actual Cases
703Initial DisclosuresSample 'Initial Disclosures' from Actual Cases
Process Service
801Federal SummonsSample 'Federal Summonses' from Actual Cases
802State SummonsSample 'State Summonses' from Actual Cases
803Subpoena Service WaiversSample 'Waivers of Subpoena Service' from Actual Cases
901Attorney FeesSample Responses to Motions for Determination of Entitlement to Attorney Fees from Actual Cases (federal)
902Motion to Dismiss (Rule 12)Sample Responses to Motions to Dismiss from Actual Cases (federal)
903Motion for Extension of TimeSample Responses to Motions for an Extension of Time from Actual Cases
904Motion for Protective OrderSample Responses to Motions for Protective Order from Actual Cases
905Motion to QuashSample Responses to Motions to Quash from Actual Cases
906Motion to Stay DiscoverySample Responses to Motions to Stay Discovery from Actual Cases
907Motion for Summary JudgmentSample Responses to Motions for Summary Judgment from Actual Cases
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