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United States Supreme Court
# PDF Comments
001logoAdobeTBD case | Pro Se Filing | Judge's Perjury; Evidence Destruction; 42 USC §1983; Judicial ImmunityiconPriceTag
002logoAdobe2023 | COSC | Attorney Filing | Presidential Election; Insurrection; Disqualification; 14th Amendment; iconPriceTag
003logoAdobe2023 | USCA06 | Attorney Filing | Sex Transition; Equal Protection Clause; Same Medical Treatment; Strict Scrutiny; Heightened Scrutiny;iconPriceTag
004logoAdobe2021 | Federal Circuit | Attorney Filing | Patent Infringement; Motion Detector; "Nothing More" test; iconPriceTag
005logoAdobe2021 | USCA01 | Attorney Filing | Religion Clause in schools (Equal Protection); Use/Status Distinction; Pervasively Sectarian; Student-Aid Program | Direct Conflict; Strict Scrutiny;iconPriceTag
006logoAdobe2021 | USCA10 | Attorney Filing | Federal Agency or Not?; Double Jeopardy; Dual-Sovereignty Doctrine; iconPriceTag
007logoAdobe2020 | USCA11 | Attorney Filing | Medicaid; Direct Conflict; iconPriceTag
008logoAdobe2019 | Federal Circuit | Attorney Filing | Copyright Infringement; Android Phones; Fair Use Doctrine; Transformative use;iconPriceTag
009logoAdobe2018 | USCA05 | Attorney Filing | Judicial Misconduct/Disability; Defect in Integrity; Habeas Corpus; iconPriceTag
010logoAdobe2017 | USCA09 | Attorney Filing | Fifth Amendment Right (Miranda Rights)iconPriceTag
Second District Court of Appeals
201logoAdobe2001 | Disqualification. Attorney-Client Privilege. +Mandamus/etciconPriceTag
202logoAdobe2000 | Discrimination. Discovery. Motion to Compel.iconPriceTag
203logoAdobe2010 | Expert Testimony; Dilatory Tactics; Prejudice; Continuance; iconPriceTag
Third District Court of Appeals
301logoAdobe2011 | School Board. Privacy Rights. Intervenor. iconPriceTag
302logoAdobe2011 | Boat Lifts. Procedural Motion. Successor ALJ.iconPriceTag
303logoAdobe2013 | Privileged Information. Disqualification. Constitutional Stay Writ.iconPriceTag
Trial Courts of Florida
801logoAdobePinellas | 2000 | Police misconduct. Sexual Harassment. Procedural Continuance.iconPriceTag
802logoAdobe✓ Granted | Pinellas | 2003 | Property Development. No findings of fact.iconPriceTag
803logoAdobePinellas | 2005 | Discrimination. Timeliness.iconPriceTag
804logoAdobePinellas | 2008 | Discrimination. Timeliness.iconPriceTag
805logoAdobeLake County | 2012 | +Prohibition. Property. Fines. Abatement. Relinquish Jurisdiction.iconPriceTag
806logoAdobePinellas County | 2014 | Discrimination. Litigation Privilege. iconPriceTag
807logoAdobeDade County | 2008 | Ex Parte; Land Use; Spot-Zoning; iconPriceTag


T01logoAdobeOfficial Form for writing a Petition for Writ of Certiorari.Free
T02iconMSWordReplace all of the placeholder tags with real information (eg "[plfName]" becomes "John Doe").iconPriceTag
Congratulations! You're getting booked up on Petitions for Writs of Certiorari!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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