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All-in-One Document

000Pertinent FACs not otherwise listedall6/26/2013PDF that contains all of the Florida Administrative Codes listed on this page

Petitions for Declaratory Statement

100All FACs that pertain to Petitions for Declaratory Statementsall below2/5/2013All-in-one PDF for Codes that pertain to Petitions for Declaratory Statements
101Link For FAC 28-105.00128-105.0011/15/2007Purpose and Use of Declaratory Statement
102Link For FAC 28-105.00228-105.0022/5/2013Petition
103Link For FAC 28-105.00328-105.0031/15/2007Agency Disposition
104Link For FAC 28-105.00428-105.0042/5/2013Notice of Disposition
105Link For FAC 28-105.002428-105.00242/5/2013Notice of Filing
106Link For FAC 28-105.002728-105.00272/5/2013Intervention

Communications Media Technology

200All FACs that pertain to Communications Media Technologyall below6/26/2013All-in-one PDF for Codes that pertain to Communications Media Technology (CMT)
201Link For FAC 28-109.00128-109.0014/1/1997General
202Link For FAC 28-109.00228-109.0024/1/1997Definitions as Used in this Rule Chapter
203Link For FAC 28-109.00328-109.0034/1/1997Application and Construction
204Link For FAC 28-109.00428-109.0041/15/2007Government in the Sunshine
205Link For FAC 28-109.00528-109.0056/26/2013Notice
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