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All-in-One Document

all000All FCHR FACsall1/31/2018PDF that contains all of the FCHR's Florida Administrative Codes.


--100All general FCHR FACsall below6/22/2017All-in-one PDF for general Administrative Codes from the FCHR.
--101Link For FAC 60Y-1.00260Y-1.0023/26/2017Conducting Proceedings by Communications Media Technology
--102Link For FAC 60Y-2.00160Y-2.00112/31/2003General
--103Link For FAC 60Y-2.00260Y-2.00211/2/1978The Agency
--104Link For FAC 60Y-2.00360Y-2.0031/8/2015General Description of the Commission
--105Link For FAC 60Y-2.00460Y-2.00412/31/2003General Description of Organization and Functions of Commission Staff (Repealed)
--106Link For FAC 60Y-2.00560Y-2.0057/12/2015General Information (Repealed)
--107Link For FAC 60Y-2.00660Y-2.0066/22/2017Statutory Chapter and Rules
--108Link For FAC 60Y-2.00760Y-2.00711/12/2015Public Information and Inspection and Copying of Documents
--109Link For FAC 60Y-2.00860Y-2.00811/2/1978Public Access to Commission Proceedings
--110Link For FAC 60Y-2.00960Y-2.00912/31/2003List of Forms and Instructions
--111Link For FAC 60Y-2.01060Y-2.01011/2/1978Notices; Contents; Posting
--112Link For FAC 60Y-2.01160Y-2.01112/31/2003Petitions for Variances or Waives from Rules (Repealed)
--113Link For FAC 60Y-2.01260Y-2.01212/31/2003Commission Orders; Numbering, Indexing; and Maintenance
--114Link For FAC 60Y-3.00160Y-3.00112/31/2003Definitions; Construction - Definitions
--115Link For FAC 60Y-3.00260Y-3.00211/2/1978Definitions; Construction - Singular to Include Plural
--116Link For FAC 60Y-3.00360Y-3.0035/3/1979Definitions; Construction - Construction of Rules
--117Link For FAC 60Y-4.00160Y-4.0015/7/2017General Procedures - Applicability
--118Link For FAC 60Y-4.00260Y-4.00211/2/1978General Procedures - Ex Parte Communications
--119Link For FAC 60Y-4.01560Y-4.01511/2/1978General Procedures - Friend of the Commission
--120Link For FAC 60Y-4.01660Y-4.0162/5/2004General Procedures - Assignment of Hearings
--121Link For FAC 60Y-4.02360Y-4.0232/5/2004General Procedures - Witness Fees
--122Link For FAC 60Y-4.02860Y-4.0285/7/2017General Procedures - Oral Argument
--123Link For FAC 60Y-4.02960Y-4.0292/4/1982General Procedures - Determination by Commission
--124Link For FAC 60Y-4.03060Y-4.03011/2/1978General Procedures - Appeals
--125Link For FAC 60Y-4.03160Y-4.03111/2/1978General Procedures - Notice of Appeals

Employment Discrimination

ee200All FCHR FACs for Employment Discriminationall below1/31/2018All-in-one PDF for Codes from the FCHR's employment discrimination department.
ee201Link For FAC 60Y-5.00160Y-5.0012/5/2004Complaints
ee202Link For FAC 60Y-5.001160Y-5.00111/31/2018Answer
ee203Link For FAC 60Y-5.00260Y-5.0028/12/1985Agreements of Referral of Complaints
ee204Link For FAC 60Y-5.00360Y-5.0032/5/2004Investigation of Complaints
ee205Link For FAC 60Y-5.00460Y-5.0042/5/2004Executive Director's Investigatory Determination; Notice
ee206Link For FAC 60Y-5.00560Y-5.0052/5/2004Conciliation
ee207Link For FAC 60Y-5.00660Y-5.0062/5/2004Administrative Dismissal of a Complaint
ee208Link For FAC 60Y-5.00860Y-5.0082/5/2004Petition for Relief from an Unlawful Employment Practice
ee209Link For FAC 60Y-5.00960Y-5.00911/2/1978Arbitration

Housing Discrimination

hou300All FCHR FACs for Housing Discriminationall below2/4/2016All-in-one PDF for Codes from the FCHR's housing discrimination department.
hou301Link For FAC 60Y-6.00160Y-6.0011/25/1990Fair Housing Act - Definitions
hou302Link For FAC 60Y-6.00260Y-6.0021/25/1990Fair Housing Act - Construction
hou303Link For FAC 60Y-7.00160Y-7.00112/31/2003Complaints
hou304Link For FAC 60Y-7.00260Y-7.00212/31/2003Answer
hou305Link For FAC 60Y-7.00360Y-7.0031/25/1990Referral of Complaints
hou306Link For FAC 60Y-7.00460Y-7.00412/31/2003Investigation of Complaints
hou307Link For FAC 60Y-7.00560Y-7.00512/31/2003Conciliation
hou308Link For FAC 60Y-8.00160Y-8.0012/5/2004Petition for Relief from a Discriminatory Housing Practice
hou309Link For FAC 60Y-9.00160Y-9.0012/5/2004Housing For Older Persons - Purpose
hou310Link For FAC 60Y-9.00260Y-9.0028/15/1990Housing For Older Persons - General Provisions
hou311Link For FAC 60Y-9.00360Y-9.0038/15/1990Housing For Older Persons - Housing Program Exemption
hou312Link For FAC 60Y-9.00460Y-9.0048/15/1990Housing For Older Persons - Exemptions for Persons 62 Years or Older
hou313Link For FAC 60Y-9.00560Y-9.0052/5/2004Housing For Older Persons - Exemptions for Persons 62 Years or Older
hou314Link For FAC 60Y-9.00660Y-9.0068/15/1990Housing For Older Persons - Precertification Procedure
hou315Link For FAC 60Y-9.00760Y-9.0072/4/2016Housing For Older Persons - Registration and Documentation
hou316Link For FAC 60Y-25.00160Y-25.00111/2/1992Fair Housing Accessibility Requirements - Purpose
hou317Link For FAC 60Y-25.00260Y-25.00211/2/1992General Prohibition Against Discrimination Because of Handicap
hou318Link For FAC 60Y-25.00360Y-25.00311/2/1992Reasonable Modification of Existing Premises
hou319Link For FAC 60Y-25.00460Y-25.00411/2/1992Reasonable Accomodation
hou320Link For FAC 60Y-25.00560Y-25.00511/2/1992Design and Construction Requirements
hou321Link For FAC 60Y-25.00660Y-25.00611/2/1992Design Guidelines for Accessible/Adaptable Dwellings
hou322Link For FAC 60Y-25.00760Y-25.00711/2/1992Site Impracticality; Exceptions to Site Impracticality

Public Accommodations Discrimination

pub400All FCHR FACs for Public Accommodations Discriminationall below3/9/2004All-in-one PDF for Codes from the FCHR's public accommodations department.
pub401Link For FAC 60Y-10.00160Y-10.00112/14/1993Purpose
pub402Link For FAC 60Y-10.00260Y-10.0023/9/2004Covered Entities and Facilities
pub403Link For FAC 60Y-10.00360Y-10.00312/14/1993Who may File a Complaint; Confidentiality
pub404Link For FAC 60Y-10.00460Y-10.00412/14/1993Investigating Process
pub405Link For FAC 60Y-10.00560Y-10.00512/14/1993Relationship of Other Rules

Whistleblower's Complaint

wbl500All FCHR FACs for Public Accommodations Discriminationall below1/1/2004All-in-one PDF for Codes from the FCHR's whistleblower department.
wbl501Link For FAC 60Y-11.00160Y-11.0011/1/2004Purpose
wbl502Link For FAC 60Y-11.00260Y-11.0021/1/2004Covered Entities and Employees
wbl503Link For FAC 60Y-11.00360Y-11.0031/1/2004Who May File a Complaint; Confidentiality
wbl504Link For FAC 60Y-11.00460Y-11.0041/1/2004Investigatory Process
wbl505Link For FAC 60Y-11.00560Y-11.0051/1/2004Relationship of Other Rules
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