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Unless qualified in the text the following rules of construction shall apply to this constitution. (a) “Herein” refers to the entire constitution.
(b) The singular includes the plural.
(c) The masculine includes the feminine.
(d) “Vote of the electors” means the vote of the majority of those voting on the matter in an election, general or special, in which those participating are limited to the electors of the governmental unit referred to in the text.
(e) Vote or other action of a legislative house or other governmental body means the vote or action of a majority or other specified percentage of those members voting on the matter. “Of the membership” means “of all members thereof.”
(f) The terms “judicial office,” “justices” and “judges” shall not include judges of courts established solely for the trial of violations of ordinances.
(g) “Special law” means a special or local law.
(h) Titles and subtitles shall not be used in construction.

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