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Date:Friday, November 10, 2023
Time:08:30 EST
cc:Femalelei.Fowler@EEOC.gov; Jane.Suk@EEOC.gov; Marlena.Rose@EEOC.gov; Cheyanne.Costilla@FCHR.MyFlorida.com; APrimiano@MHS.net; LarryHart52@gmail.com; Frank.Hernandez@EEOC.gov; Jacquelyn.Dupree@FCHR.MyFlorida.com
Subject:RE: EEOC Discrimination Charge (New) | Employment | Makere v Redacted Company A, et al | 410-2024-00386, 410-2024-00577
Attachments:RE: Legal Violations (!) | Charge of Discrimination | 2023 Workshare Agreement; RE: Makere vs. Allstate. 15D-2019-00685

Hello EEOC Director Colclough,

As foreshadowed, here’s evidence of the FCHR commandeering its EEOC Liaison (Frank Hernandez) in order to effectuate its lawlessness.


The FCHR’s lawlessness centered around its attempts to make my charge of employment discrimination disappear

Ultimate Fact:

EEOC Liaison Hernandez tried to cover for the FCHR’s lawlessness; doing so by:
(a) avoiding direct answers;

(b) avoiding phone calls; and

(c) proffering bogus information in order to obstruct/stall my pursuit of justice


1. On July 31, 2023, I dual-filed my charge of employment discrimination.

2. On August 3, 2023, the FCHR’s investigator confirmed ‘actual receipt’ (please see 60Y-5.001(3) FAC).

3. On September 5, 2023, I asked the FCHR (a statewide FEPA) for a status update.
a. Afterwards, I called/emailed multiple times
4. On September 13, 2023, I asked the FCHR to tell me what my case number was/is.
a. Two weeks passed, however, with no answer.
5. So, on September 28, 2023, I contacted the FCHR’s EEOC Liaison (Frank Hernandez); asking him for basic case information (ie, my case number)
a. Mr. Hernandez works out of the Miami District Office
6. Three hours later – on September 28, 2023 – the FCHR’s executive director (Cheyanne Costilla) told me that my complaint “was sent to the Atlanta District Office for processing”.
a. In her communication, she told me to contact the Atlanta District Office.
7. On October 5, 2023, however, two EEOC employees informed me that the EEOC’s database still did not have record of my complaint.
a. Thereby debunking the false statement (ie, the lie) that the FCHR’s Executive Director proffered (#6 above)
8. That same day, the EEOC’s Atlanta District Office advised me to contact the EEOC Liaison in Miami (ie, Frank Hernandez).
a. So, I did.
9. On October 5, 2023, I asked EEOC Liaison Hernandez to [essentially] confirm that FCHR Director Costilla had lied to me.
a. A simple confirmation, prudently, that was foretold/corroborated by two EEOC employees from the Atlanta District Office
i. I called multiple times

ii. Please see first attachment
10. That same day – yet a week after initial questioning (see #5 above) – EEOC Liaison responded by sending me information about the wrong case
a. Please see second attachment

b. Note: this ‘wrong case’ was a different case which FCHR Director Costilla has obstructed
i. An obstruction which I’m still battling – to this day.
11. So – hours later – I alerted EEOC Liaison Hernandez of his inaccuracies.
a. Mr. Hernandez, however, never replied.
i. Thereby never remedying his inaccurate/dilatory submission.
b. Thus, Mr. Hernandez’s crystallizing intentions helped the FCHR obstruct my case
12. Of course, it took an additional 26 days for me to finally get the EEOC to admit that my charge of employment discrimination was indeed timely.
a. In other words, it took 90+ days to get over the biggest/most-unnecessary hurdle
i. A hurdle erected by Cheyanne Costilla and Frank Hernandez

ii. A hurdle that would have heavily impaired my forthcoming lawsuit
13. The bottom line is that EEOC Liaison Hernandez engaged in obstructive/dilatory tactics to cover for FCHR Director Costilla’s law-violating efforts.

Formal Accusations:

14. I am hereby accusing Frank Hernandez (EEOC Liaison) of obstructing the proper administration of justice.

15. Also, I am hereby accusing Cheyanne Costilla (FCHR Executive Director) of obstructing the proper administrative of justice

16. Importantly, I am hereby accusing Ms. Costilla of subverting the EEOC-FCHR Workshare Agreement in order to steal federal funds.

6th Amendment | Confrontation of Witnesses:

17. In the spirit of the 6th Amendment – and when given the opportunity – I will present these facts to EEOC Liaison Frank Hernandez face-to-face

18. In the spirit of the 6th Amendment – and when given the opportunity – I will present these facts to FCHR Director Cheyanne Costilla face-to-face Request:

19. May you please take punitive action against the FCHR (for its lawlessness)?
Thank You,

Elias Makere, FSA, MAAA | Civil Litigant, Founder
Federal Case No.: 3:20-cv-00905 | (Allstate, USFLMD)
Federal Case No.: 4:21-cv-00096 | (Early, USFLND)
11th Cir. Case No.: 21-11901
904.294.0026 | TextBook.Discrimination@outlook.com | www.TextBookDiscrimination.com
3709 San Pablo Rd. S. #701
Jacksonville, FL 32224 Ancient Proverb: For every wrong there is a right. TextBookDiscrimination.com® | © 2024. All Rights Reserved.
Congratulations! You're now booked up on Communication ZZ from the series of communications which reveal the way the FCHR obstructs cases of discrimination (by manufacturing issues of timeliness)!

Keep this in mind while you litigate your civil rights case in Florida. Also, keep in mind the FCHR's statutory ability to accept bribes.

Plus - at all times - keep the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution (your right to a trial-by-jury) in mind.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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