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Date:Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Time:13:26 EST
cc:Femalelei.Fowler@EEOC.gov; Jane.Suk@EEOC.gov; Marlena.Rose@EEOC.gov; Cheyanne.Costilla@FCHR.MyFlorida.com; APrimiano@MHS.net; LarryHart52@gmail.com; Frank.Hernandez@EEOC.gov
Subject:RE: EEOC Discrimination Charge (New) | Employment | Makere v Redacted Company A, et al | 410-2024-00386, 410-2024-00577
Attachments:Inquiry No: 415-2024-00386, 410-2024-00577, 410-2024-00581 E. Makere; 0a_Complaint_Employment.pdf

Hello Director Colclough,

I finally got an answer to this question (just a few minutes ago – please see first attachment). So, you won’t have to respond to my earlier email (from below).
➢ Nevertheless, may you please have your staff take punitive action(s) against the Florida Commission on Human Relations?
As my research (and this experience) has revealed, the FCHR has a pattern & practice of subverting justice. In the past, it’s done so by ratifying perjury, intentionally mis-mailing crucial documents, discriminating against its own commissioners, and much more. The state FEPA even has the statutory ability to accept bribes.

As a pressing example, the FCHR has recently tried to make an employment discrimination complaint disappear. It’s even lied to try to effectuate that lawlessness (please see email from 10/9/23). Apparently, the FCHR’s even commandeered your EEOC-FCHR Liaison (ie, Frank Hernandez) to accomplish it (evidence forthcoming).

Quick History:

1. On July 31, 2023, I dual-filed my charge of employment discrimination (second attachment).

2. On August 3, 2023, the FCHR’s investigator confirmed ‘actual receipt’ (please see 60Y-5.001(3) FAC).

3. On September 5, 2023, I asked the FCHR (a statewide FEPA) for a status update*.

4. On September 13, 2023, I asked the FCHR to tell me what my case number was/is*.

5. On September 28, 2023, the FCHR’s executive director told me that my complaint “was sent to the Atlanta District Office for processing”.
a. That same day, she told me to contact the Atlanta District Office.
6. On October 5, 2023, however, two EEOC employees informed me that the EEOC’s database still did not have record of my complaint.
a. Thereby debunking the false statement (ie, lie) that the FCHR’s Executive Director proffered (#5 above)
7. On October 19, 2023, the EEOC notified me that it will not investigate my case
a. It gave no reason for the refusal to investigate

b. Thus, the FCHR’s obstructions have robbed me of an EEOC investigation
8. Today – November 11, 2023 – the EEOC finally told me that my 7/31/23 complaint was indeed timely.
a. In other words, it took 90+ days to get over the biggest/most-unnecessary hurdle
9. As of today’s date, though, additional obstructions exist.

10. Ultimate Fact: it took 93 days (and dozens of calls/emails) to get basic case information (ie, case number, filing date).
a. Information, importantly, that the FCHR lied about providing.

b. Information, importantly, that the FCHR had a legal obligation to provide.
i. §760.11(1) FS
ii. 42 USC §2000e-5(e)(1)
iii. 60Y-5.001(3) FAC
iv. Section 2E 2023 Workshare Agreement
*I’ve called/emailed multiple times since then
The bottom line is that the FCHR’s lack of integrity has propelled it to break laws and contracts (see Section 2E 2023 Workshare Agreement). The agency’s injured me along the way; and it’s doing/done the same to others.

So, may you please take punitive action against the FCHR (for its lawlessness)?

Thank You,

Elias Makere, FSA, MAAA | Civil Litigant, Founder
Federal Case No.: 3:20-cv-00905 | (Allstate, USFLMD)
Federal Case No.: 4:21-cv-00096 | (Early, USFLND)
11th Cir. Case No.: 21-11901
904.294.0026 | TextBook.Discrimination@outlook.com | www.TextBookDiscrimination.com
3709 San Pablo Rd. S. #701
Jacksonville, FL 32224 Ancient Proverb: For every wrong there is a right. TextBookDiscrimination.com® | © 2024. All Rights Reserved.
Congratulations! You're now booked up on Communication ZZ from the series of communications which reveal the way the FCHR obstructs cases of discrimination (by manufacturing issues of timeliness)!

Keep this in mind while you litigate your civil rights case in Florida. Also, keep in mind the FCHR's statutory ability to accept bribes.

Plus - at all times - keep the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution (your right to a trial-by-jury) in mind.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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