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ALJ Perjury (Edward Gary Early) | Downloadable Files

Basics (All-In-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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001DownloadablesDownloadablesRead/Download the pertinent case files in this perjury-based lawsuit
002DownloadablesVideoWatch the video outlining the facts in the Hon. E. Gary Early perjury saga
Key Documents
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101ComplaintCivil ComplaintCivil Complaint that a Floridian filed against the Hon. E. Gary Early
102Motion-efileMotion to eFileMotion for Leave to Permit Electronic Filing at USFLND
103RR-AbsoluteImmunityReport & RecommendationMagistrate Martin Fitzpatrick's Recomendation of Dismissal
104Objection-RO-ImmunityObjection - ImmunityPlaintiff's Objection to Magistrate Judge's Second Report & Recommendation
105OpeningBriefAppellant's BriefThe Appellant/Civilian's Opening Brief at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
106OpinionVacatingOpinion (Vacate)USCA11's Opinion/Order to Vacate USFLND's Order of Dismissal
107AmendedComplaintAmended ComplaintAmended Civil Complaint in the civil suit involving the Hon. E. Gary Early's Perjury
108ResponseDismissResponse to MTDPlaintiff's Response in Opposition to Defendant Judge Early's Motion to Dismiss
Get booked up on holding state officers accountable for their unlawful acts.

You should take this into account when you litigate your employment discrimination case.


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