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TBD is not the author of these documents.
Instead, TBD merely re-printed and reformatted them for easier use (indexed here).


TBD ran OCR (text-recognition software) on all of the attached PDFs.

TBD also cropped mis-shapened pages (to fit an 8½-x-11 inch letter size).

Plus, TBD rotated mis-oriented pages (to achieve upright uniformity).

Therefore, the attached PDFs are only replicas. They are NOT conformed copies of the originals.

Please contact the government entities (ie, federal courts, state courts) if you need official copies.

Shortcomings & Limitations
Timeframe:the underlying data for this analysis only encompasses the years 1979 through the present. Actual cases of Allstate discrimination, however, date back another decade.
Manual Tabulation:the underlying data for this analysis was manually tabulated. Therefore, there is risk that oversights & errors are present (eg., an 'age' complaint got mistakenly charted as a 'col' complaint).
Subset:TBD has not replicated the entire docket for each [listed] case. Instead TBD has only included the docket entries that are most important (eg, complaint, discovery, etc.).
Incomplete:There are a lot cases that TBD has yet to add to this listing. This is due to cost factors; because TBD is a free, independent website devoid of donations (see FAQs).

See Something, Say Something
Please Contact TBD if you spot anything that looks awry.
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