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TBD produced this analysis. TBD tabulated this data. TBD published this analysis on this website for ease-of-use/ease-of-access.
Shortcomings & Limitations
Timeframe:the underlying data for this analysis only encompasses the years 2000 through the present. Actual Voting, however, dates back several more decades.
Manual Tabulation:the underlying data for this analysis was manually tabulated. Therefore, there is risk that oversights & errors are present (eg., a 'No' vote mistakenly being listed as a 'Yes' vote).
Unequal Sums:the total votes of the by-commissioner analysis will not match the total votes. Reason: one Final Order (04-118) did not specify which commissioner dissented.
Jeb Bush Cutoff:the first year of Jeb Bush's governship is missing in this dataset (see timeframe above)
Ron McElrath Cutoff:almost all of Ronald M. McElrath's executiveship is missing in this dataset (see timeframe above)

See Something, Say Something
Please Contact TBD if you spot anything that looks awry.

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