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TBD produced this analysis. TBD tabulated this data. TBD published this analysis on this website for ease-of-use/ease-of-access.
Last Update (8/31/23)
TBD's underlying database for this analysis has records up-to-and-including August 31, 2023.
Shortcomings & Limitations
Timeframe:the underlying data for this analysis only encompasses the years 2000 through the present. Actual voting, however, dates back several more decades.
Manual Tabulation:the underlying data for this analysis was manually tabulated. Therefore, there is risk that oversights & errors are present (eg., a 'No' vote mistakenly being listed as a 'Yes' vote).
Unequal Sums:the total votes of the by-commissioner analysis will not match the total votes. Reason: one Final Order (04-118) did not specify which commissioner dissented.
Jeb Bush Cutoff:the first year of Jeb Bush's governorship is missing in this dataset (see timeframe above)
Ron McElrath Cutoff:almost all of Ronald M. McElrath's executiveship is missing in this dataset (see timeframe above)
Commissioner Cutoffs:statistics/data have been cutoff for twelve commissioners who worked in the early 2000s (Brooks, Craig, Daniel, Farrell, Flom, Hermantin, Jenkins, Montes, Ofuani, Paige, Sosa, and Walker) (see timeframe above)

See Something, Say Something
Please Contact TBD if you spot anything that looks awry.
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