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Analysis of FCHR Commission Voting | By Executive Director

(as of 3/31/2022)
Numeric Form (#,###)
Percent Form (%)

### Year C D Total
501Ronald M. McElrath303
502Derick Daniel3,249123,258
504Michelle Wilson1,59321,595
505Cheyanne Costilla2910291
### Year C D Total
501Ronald M. McElrath100.00%0.00%100.00%
502Derick Daniel99.63%0.37%100.00%
504Michelle Wilson99.87%0.13%100.00%
505Cheyanne Costilla100.00%0.00%100.00%
"C" = votes of concurrence
"D" = votes of dissent

* Almost all of Ronald M. McElrath's regime is missing from this dataset (please see disclaimer)
graph of FCHR commission voting by executive director Analysis: Almost all commissioner discretion occurred under director Daniel (12 out of 14 dissenting votes)

Analysis: Derick Daniel's reign accounted for 62% of total FCHR voting, and 86% of dissenting votes

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Congratulations! You're now booked up on what to expect from FCHR Commission votes!

Keep this in mind while you litigate your civil rights case in Florida. Also, keep in mind the FCHR's statutory ability to accept bribes.

Plus - at all times - keep the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution (your right to a trial-by-jury) in mind.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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