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TBD produced this analysis. TBD tabulated this data. TBD published this analysis on this website for ease-of-use/ease-of-access.
Last Update (8/31/23)
TBD's underlying database for this analysis has records up-to-and-including August 31, 2023.
Shortcomings & Limitations
Timeframe:the underlying data for this analysis only encompasses the years 1979 through the present. Actual discrimination cases, however, date back another decade.
Manual Tabulation:the underlying data for this analysis was manually tabulated. Therefore, there is risk that oversights & errors are present (eg., a 'Relinquished' outcome got mistakenly charted as a 'Dismissal').
Implicit Outcomes:some of these case outcomes do not explicitly state that they’ve been settled. Instead, they just imply settlement. Therefore, they’ve been charted as ‘implicitly settled’.
Categorization:TBD has grouped these outcomes into overarching categories. Some of these outcome categories have a variety of underlying reasons. For example, people withdraw their cases in order to:
(a) enter arbitration;
(b) file in federal court;
(c) quell personal fears;
(d) restore their health; and/or
(e) several other reasons.

So, if you'd like more detail then please consult the underlying data (XML format w/XSLT).
Data Spike:there is a lot more data for the period 2000-present (compared to the period 1979-1999). TBD contends that this is a function of digitized recordkeeping.

See Something, Say Something
Please Contact TBD if you spot anything that looks awry.

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