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Analysis of FCHR Charges of Discrimination

(as of 8/31/2023)
Analysis Table | FCHR Charges of Discrimination | Overview
Fact: Racial Discrimination is the most commonly filed charge of discrimination (38% of FCHR-DOAH cases include a charge of race discrimination).

Fact: Familial Discrimination is the least commonly filed charge of discrimination (only 1% of FCHR-DOAH cases include such a basis).

Takeaway #1: the government will be very familiar with discrimination cases that involve a charge of racial discrimination.

Takeaway #2: there will be a lot of case law on discrimination cases that involve the most-commonly filed charges (eg, race, disability, retaliation).

Additional: These numbers can be further analyzed by:

(a) case type;
(b) year;
(c) retaliation incidence; and
(d) each [protected] characteristic (eg, age, dis, etc.).


Congratulations! You're now booked up on the frequency distribution on FCHR Charges of Discrimination!

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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