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Analysis of FCHR Case Types

(as of 8/31/2023)
Analysis Table | FCHR Case Types | Overview
Fact #1: Employment Discrimination is the biggest type of discrimination case filed at the FCHR.

It makes up 76% of all cases (4,086/5,356).

Fact #2: Housing Discrimination is the 2nd most commonly filed discrimination case (at the FCHR).

Making up 12% of all cases (and more than half of all non-eee cases).

Takeaway #1: When discrimination happens, it’s usually in the employment setting.

Takeaway #2: there will be a lot of case law on employment discrimination cases (eg, Burdine, McDonnell-Douglas, etc.).

Additional: These numbers can be further analyzed by:

(a) year; and/or
(b) charge.


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