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001CFRWebsite for accessing the Code of Federal Regulations (useful for EEOC complaints)
002e-Filing (USFLMDJax)Where you electronically file your federal court docs (Jacksonville division)
003Federal StatutesWebsite that houses Federal Laws
004Federal StatutesAlternative website for Federal Laws
005PACERWebsite for accessing electronic court records (dockets, etc.)
006PACER: Demo SiteDemo site for accessing electronic court records (New York - Western District)


101Florida StatutesWebsite that houses Florida's Laws
102Florida Bar AssociationFind lawyers; get helpful information/documents.
103Florida RulesFind administrative codes; download the Florida Adminisrative Register.
104Civil Process: JSOWhere you can track JSO process service
105e-Filing (State)Where you electronically file your state court documents (motions, etc.)


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